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Virtuoso Motors evolved from a personal hobby into a Classic car restoration business. Our philosophy is simple: to be recognized as “best in class” in ground up restorations while keeping true the originality of the Land Cruiser. Our restorations improve Safety, Driveability, Comfort, and the overall Reliability of the vehicle delivering a subtle Resto-mod. We understand the importance of keeping the essence of the Land Cruisers, albeit with a few important improvements. We keep a truck as a truck, but we also improve reliability, so you can enjoy it like it was meant to be.

We deliver a Classic Land Cruiser that should be driven with no hesitation anywhere and anytime.  The vehicle’s performance is superior to when it rolled out of the factory, but it is important to keep the Land Cruiser true to its roots while maintain its unique ability to stimulate all the senses. This is what makes driving and owning a classic Land Cruiser a unique experience.


We are a small group of experienced and dedicated craftsman, mechanics and technicians who share our passion of restoring these legendary vehicles. Each one understands the responsibility that is required to do a proper restoration.  We pursue quality, reliability to ensure each customer will receive the very best, an asset to be proud of.

Therefore, we at Virtuoso Motors have the knowledge, passion, and skills required to deliver the best in class Land Cruiser restoration.

Toyota Land Cruiser restoraton team