systems & parts

For all the FJ Land Cruisers we restore we use mainly original Toyota parts, or find the best quality parts for each component.


All suspension components are replaced using Old Man Emu which gives a 1.5” lift providing a more comfortable ride without losing its character while providing a clean level stance.


Power assisted front disk and rear drum brakes using all original Land Cruiser components, Booster, central and auxiliary pumps bring it to a quick and safe stop. On pre-1975 models, we install 79-83 pedal hangers cluster and an original reinforcing bracket on firewall.


Safety is our biggest concern. All of our soft top and most hard-top vehicles have roll bars installed. All vehicles are equipped with DOT approved seatbelts.

Exhaust System

Aluminized exhaust pipes and mufflers are hung properly from the chassis and undercarriage. 

Air Conditioning

If equipped,Generation 4 Vintage Air. Our set up uses original Land Cruiser brackets and pulleys no ad on brackets. We employ the original placement of the compressor, under the cold air intake, the alternator, and power steering pump both sits on top as per US Spec vehicles.

Body Panels

All panels are inspected, repaired and/or replaced where needed using the correct technics minimizing the use of body fillers. Extensive use of electric spot welder as originally used by Arakawa Auto Body-

Fit & Finish

Fit and finish is as good or better than factory, with correct gaps.

Special Finishes

RM system (BASF) employing Epoxy base coats, high build primer, color and high solids clear. On the inside we use RM single stage system to insure evenness of shine. The undercarriage we use a RM system (BASF) epoxy.

All parts and fasteners originally galvanized are redone with either a hot dipped or cold process and later yellow chromate.

Weather Stripping and panel seals (panels, windows and roof)

All new weather stripping and panel seals through out.

Sound Proofing

If originally equipped, cars are soundproof with original sound deadening materials.


We use the closest to original vinyls available with UV and Flame-retardant protection.


All vinyl has exact grain to originals and 94% color matching, springs and clips are replaced as needed, padding is either replaced or reinforced with medium and high-density urethane foam.

Door Panels

Original new Toyota panels


We use thick vinyl’s with UV and Flame-retardant protection

Battery and Charging

New 36-month HO battery with special terminals is supplied.  Charging while the engine is running is done by an OEM refurbished alternator.


Refurbish modern high torque starter on 1979-1983 or a OEM starter on 1964-1978 models


Electronic Ignition, no worry about points


Hella headlights DOT approved for safer night driving, all original Toyota, turn signals stop, reverse and interior lights


New electrical harness using bran new original terminals and plugs. All wire is correct gauge and color coded as original and comply with SAE J-1128 specifications.

Instrument Cluster

Restored were possible or replaced with NOS and if its unavailable, we used a proven aftermarket replacement.


Restored were possible or replaced with NOS and if its unavailable, we used a proven aftermarket replacement.

Cooling System

New aftermarket.

Cooling System

Restored and serviced original or new Toyota.


New coupled with Double wire hose clamps as original

Carburator and Fuel Pump

New aftermarket Rally on 1976-1983 or original restored AISAN on Pre 1975 models

Gas Tank and Hoses

Gas tank is striped and tested for leaks using a special solvent. Depending on seam and other condition considerations, the gas tank is then cold dipped galvanized. All tanks are then coated on the inside using a special epoxy resin resistant to fuel. On the outside the tank is painted using also epoxy paints.

Hoses and Clamps

New and as original.

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