our restoration process

When we restore a Toyota FJ Land Cruiser we follow a very strict process, carefully implemented step by step so each of our classic Land Cruisers performs and looks better than when it rolled out of the factory.

We complete  a 76 step inspection and quality assurance process. Our reputation is on the line and we make every effort to ensure that the vehicle will operate perfectly and as expected.

2000 to 3000 man hours

2000 to 3000 man hours

restoration process

Land Cruiser FJ40 candidate for restoration



We select the best possible candidate for a restoration. We look for a Toyota FJ Land Cruiser that is running with its original engine and transmission and preferably has never been restored and/or modified. The candidate should be as original, complete and untouched as possible.

Land Cruiser dissasembly for restoration




We photograph the complete car and each system during the disassembly process.  We list all of the parts needed and any other important details.  We document the entire restoration process

for reference.






For prepping for sandblasting, body, drivetrain and motor are removed from the chassis All are thoroughly cleaned using a high-power washer and hot water to remove grease and oil.


The bare chassis is sandblasted, along with body parts, powertrain, rims, seat frames, bumpers roll bars etc. The fiberglass top goes through a hand stripping method to prevent damage.

FJ45 motor




Motor is completely dismantled, and the block is cleaned on a special high temperature solution All water and oil passages are thoroughly cleaned to remove crust, rust and crud. Measurements are taken, and parts are ordered for a complete overhaul to original factory specifications. Engine is painted with a special epoxy paint resistant to heat and chemicals. All Pistons, rings, bearings, seals, plugs, valves, springs and pumps are replaced. Measurements and torques are checked and rechecked to comply with to factory specifications. you are practically getting a brand-new engine.

Axles, transmissions, hubs and gearboxes are completely dismantled. All bearings thrust washers, C clips bushings seals and synchronizers are replaced. 3rd members are then measured adjusted and torqued to factory specifications. Hubs when needed are replaced by original Aisin.


Shafts are checked for proper balance, nuts and bolts replaced new as per factory recommendations.  Most casings are powder coated.

Chassis is measured for proper alignment and inspected. Loose or worn rivets and hangers are replaced as needed using our special custom made 20 Ton press and high temperature oven, insuring alignment, and a tight and proper fit. Rubber body mounts are replaced with soft flexible polyurethane ones.

FJ45 interior




All suspension components are replaced using Olm Man Emu which gives a 1.5” lift providing a more comfortable ride without losing its character while also providing a clean level stance.


Power assisted front disk and rear drum brakes are all original Land Cruiser components, New Booster, central and auxiliary pumps bring it to a quick and safe stop. On this model we installed a Land Cruiser 79-83 pedal hangers cluster and a reinforcing bracket on firewall for the proper original fit.


All vehicles are equipped with DOT approved seatbelts on all 4 seats.

Restoration inspection & quality




We go through a very stringent inspection, evaluation and testing process to ensure that you are getting the best possible restored vehicle that is free of defects. We drive the car at least 200-300 miles through all types of terrain, making sure everything is working as it should.


We take our restorations seriously and responsibly. We deliver best in class restorations of a classic Toyota FJ Land Cruiser.